Notary Services in the Comox Valley

Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of planning for the distribution of your possessions in the event of incapacity of death. While it can be uncomfortable to talk about your own mortality, estate planning can provide peace of mind for both you and your family members. Preparing a personal will, appointing an executor, and arranging Power of Attorney agreements helps to reduce the stress of family members who will eventually be asked to make decisions on your behalf. By planning your estate, your decisions and health preferences can be carried out if you’re not able to act on your own. Go to our Estate Planning page.

Personal Planning Documents

Personal Planning

Documenting your intentions through personal and estate planning brings valuable peace of mind in times of change. The process can help you to prepare for unexpected illness or death, designating powers of attorney, clearly and legally defining the distribution of your property, and looking after important family matters such as the guardianship of minor children. As a Notary Public in the Comox Valley, Daryl Robbins will work through the process with you to ensure that these matters are looked after.

Real Estate

For Sale

If you are buying or selling real estate in the Courtenay, Comox, or Cumberland area, own a rental or commercial property, or are in the construction industry, Daryl Robbins offers real estate services that can help with the details of purchasing, sales, refinancing and securing property.

Legal Documents


There are times when regulatory bodies, government agencies or legal courts require that documents be certified as true for legal purposes. Ensuring authenticity, documenting agreements, and preparing affidavits are services provided through the Daryl Robbins Notary Public office located in Courtenay, BC.

Travel Documents


Legal travel documents can help to avoid unnecessary complications at border crossings, minimizing the stress of international travel. If you're planning to travel you'll need to provide legal proof of your identity. Daryl Robbins will ensure that the documents you need are the documents in hand.

Property Acquisitions & Transfers


Other major property transactions or changes to your assets such as the purchase or sale of a business or lost assets will require the services of a Notary Public. Daryl Robbins can ensure that the documentation of your assets is thorough and legal.